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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Environmental protection has only a starting point and no end. Jubang Pharmaceutical has been actively advocating the concept of green environmental protection and is committed to pollution prevention and continuous improvement. In order to eliminate the harm to human health and ecological environment in the production process, our company has continuously invested in environmental protection. In terms of sewage treatment, our company has invested 10 million yuan in the treatment of production sewage to ensure that all wastewater generated in production can be discharged up to standard.


Success is always accompanied by the social status brought by flowers and honour. While pursuing enterprise development, Jubang Pharmaceutical also pays attention to corporate social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility is not only a public welfare undertaking, but also closely related to the future competitiveness and profitability of each enterprise. Corporate social responsibility is no longer just words, but a major strategic matter that enterprises must consider if they want to win the competition. It is precisely because enterprises have economic and social dualities that the economic development of enterprises is also subject to their own social responsibilities. From ancient times to the present, from the perspective of the history of enterprise development, the more it promotes the improvement of the quality of life of stakeholders and the development of society, the more it can ensure the survival of the enterprise itself, and it can open up a smooth way for the sustainable development of the enterprise. 


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