Environmental protection has no ending. The continuous effort on the environment protection has made Jubang Pharm as one of the most successful pharmaceutical enterprises in China. In order to prevent the pollution on the environment, the commercial investment of Jubang Pharm has been ploughed into waste water treatment system to ensure that all the wastewater will be discharged in line with the standard.

Success is always coming along with the flowers and honors. Jubang Pharm as one of the successful pharmaceutical enterprises is like to focus on the social responsibility while seeking self-development. Every year, Jubang Pharm donates money to the social charity organizations such as Red Cross Society.

Simultaneously, Jubang promises to be a socially and environmentally responsible centennial corporation, dedicated to environment protection while operating with the most environmentally friendly, safest, and lowest carbon emitting methods. We will operate our business with the best interests of the society and the environment in mind, in order to foster a society that is capable of sustainable development.
We established organization and management systems to control for social and environmental responsibility, and introduced stringent and constant checks and evaluations in order to implement and reinforce our company ideals. It is the reason of social responsibility that makes Jubang Pharm as one of the fast growing companies in China.

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